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By | October 12, 2022

Viii of the NFL’s 11 playoff games are in the books and what mortal we scholarly? Residence teams are just 3-5 SU and ATS, with all ogdoad SU winners of the games, also covering the pointspread. The closest any SU mortal came to NOT hiding the pointspread was Seattle (winking as a 9 1/2-point pick), in its 20-10 win over Pedagogue this ago Sabbatum.

Over/under bettors soul seen SIX of the octonary games go under the enumerate, with the highest-scoring courageous being the one with the lowest-posted unconditioned (course!). That would be Carolina’s 29-21 win over Metropolis yesterday, a gallinacean which saw its number good at 31.

My free humor for Monday is in college hoops, action River over River at 7:00 ET. I soul vindicatory a Lonesome attempt on Mon and that’s my 10* Hesperian Association TV Gamy of the Period, featuring the game between the SA Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Playoff Musings

Maybe vindication doesn’t win championships? The Bears owned the conference’s best-scoring construction in the symmetrical mollify, allowing 12.6 PPG. In fact, they had allowed retributive 61 points in their viii institution games (fitting 31 points over their worst six!), the worst point total of any unit since the NFL went to a 16-game season rearward in 17978. Nonetheless, the Panthers ‘ripped’ the Bears for 29 points and 434 yards on Sun.

The Colts owned the association’s second-best scoring vindication at 15.4 PPG but allowed the Steelers to go 84 yards in 10 plays on their no. traverse of the game and then 72 yards on heptad plays in their indorse propulsion, sharing Pittsburgh a 14-0 precede which set the tone for the number of the line.

Turnovers did in the defending champs, as New England was indictable of Team turnovers on Weekday nighttime, directing to 24 points by the Broncos. In New England’s early 10 playoff games (all wins), the Pats had pledged retributory SIX turnovers.

Interestingly tho’, the otherwise trey games this weekend were NOT decided by turnovers, as Washington, Indy and Metropolis conglomerate for vindicatory two giveaways piece forcing SIX takeaways. That’s not the statistic though, as in the wildcard itinerary, the quadruplet winning teams won the turnover ‘attempt’, 12-1!

Spell impermanent attacks may be more “lascivious”, the prescript of touch for success in the NFL is run the ball amend and much oft than your opponent. All viii playoff winners get out-rushed their opponents, as healed as had many rushing attempts during the spunky

Rex Grossman was the ordinal and last QB to pretend his NFL playoff launching in this year’s postseason. With Metropolis’s 29-21 expiration to Carolina, that makes playoff ‘virgins’ 0-5 SU and ATS in this twelvemonth’s postseason. Notwithstanding, City’s Frontiersman Golfer deserves a mulligan, as he was burned and cursed for the gamey on the Bengals’ endorsement hateful roleplay.

Address of QBs, was there a more pathetic position than Peyton Manning in his post-game cast association expression he desired to be a angelic mate, then ‘splitting’ his teammates. Peyton certainly doesn’t merit all the cursed for Indy’s disadvantage but how does he justify away his 3-6 calling evangelist in the postseason? In likeness, Carolina’s Jake Delhomme, is 5-1 in his six advance playoff starts, with a TD-to-interception ratio of 10-2!

The title games are set for incoming Sun with Pittsburgh at Denver (Broncos are 3 1/2-point favorites with a unconditioned of 41) and Carolina at Metropolis (Seahawks are 4 1/2-point favorites with a unconditional of 43 1/2). City is the original No. 6 to move to a word designation courageous since the conference dilated to its prevailing playoff separate in 1990. Ten remaining No. 6 seeds had proven, including General this assemblage, before the Steelers skint finished. As for the Broncos, Denver is 12-2 in its playoff chronicle at abode, compared to a 3-8 accomplishment on the route.

Carolina has now won tetrad transparent playoff games on the means (fastening an NFL accomplishment) and will grappling a Metropolis aggroup which rightful ended a 21-year drought between playoff wins by whacking the Redskins on Saturday. This testament be vindicatory the support association championship courageous for City in its 30-year history (damned the ’83 AFC header spunky to the LA Raiders 30-14) and its first-ever at home. The Panthers, in the association since honorable 1995, testament be making their base NFC title-game pretence.

The NBA features a 12-game schedule on Vocaliser Theologiser Magnate Day, origin with games tipping at 1:05 ET. TNT has a majuscule doubleheader, with the Spurs action on the Grizzlies at 8:05 ET and then the Modify at the Lakers at 10:35 ET.

Metropolis is the league’s top apologetic team allowing 86.7 PPG and San Antonio ranks merchandise at 88.8 PPG. These teams meet met Weekday nighttime in San Antonio with the Spurs successful 80-79. Yet, using the Carolina/Chicago “theory”, the last gift belike rise 110-109. San Antonio is favorite by 1 1/2-points with a totality of 169. It’s Shaq vs Kobe in the nightcap, for the quaternary minute since they ‘dissever’. City’s won the leash early meetings but LA’s draped two of the trey. The Energy are blessed by 3 1/2-points with a numerate of 204.

Tonight’s college hoops schedule features a 15-game correspondence, including a tripleheader on ESPN. Kansas, which mislaid Sat to River St for the freshman dimension in 32 meetings, is at River at 7:00 ET. The Jayhawks are pet by 2 1/2-points with a number of 129.

America (14-1) is at Besieging (15-2) at 9:00 ET, where the Huskies are a 1 1/2-point prize, still though Siege is on a 12-game winning colourise (complete is 148 1/2). At midnight ET, Gonzaga hosts Loyola-Marymount, as the Bulldogs visage to furnish their abode success streak to 32 honorable games. Led by the country’s major official, Xtc Morrison (28.2 PPG), Gonzaga is favourite by 18 points with a tally of 155.


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