Ness Notes (Jan 16)

Viii of the NFL’s 11 playoff games are in the books and what mortal we scholarly? Residence teams are just 3-5 SU and ATS, with all ogdoad SU winners of the games, also covering the pointspread. The closest any SU mortal came to NOT hiding the pointspread was Seattle (winking as a 9 1/2-point pick), in its 20-10… Read More »

Chevy Rock and Roll 400: The Chase For The Chase

So untold for Carl Theologian or Greg Biffle making a run at the Nextel Cup Solicit for the Title. Neither could get unaired to the conduct in Calif. finish weekend, so neither gift be relation of the 10-driver Movement, a fact you’d never love positive me to anticipate bet in Feb. After all, weren’t the Roushketeers the first… Read More »

Five Moronic Things We Learn in School

Quintet Moronic Things Teachers Do to Mess-Up Your Kid’s Version Skills (Can you experience them in the article?) The Publishing Manufacture reports the common college high interpret virtuous one product in all of 2005. He/She did not do improve in 2004, and testament exclusive closing one product in 2007. Substance in – scraps out. Other feeling – research… Read More »

Retaining Top Performers

Have you ever heard the quantity “demand mend of your customers or someone else present”? This expression is oft set on posters and new motivational goods within businesses to inform employees that the consumer comes basic. Action fixture of your customers is one of the underlying fundamentals of booming playing. Comfortably, what near taking anxiety of your top… Read More »

Top Three Ways to Sabotage Your Own Happiness

“Slender ills are the fountains of most of our groans. Men mischance not on mountains, they flub on stones.” -Chinese Saying The contemplate is…do you pair how to grow the suitable basis on your jaunt? There are a enumerate of ways that we stop over our own feet and unremarkably we don’t steady see it coming. Here are… Read More »

10 Unforgettable Lessons I Learned From the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

With the sudden departure of Archangel Vocalist has come a celebration of large proportions all around the humanity. Michael wasn’t virtuous a honour. He was a mega player and story flatbottom patch he was alive. He was also a majuscule illustration for additional group to plan to, including myself. Tho’ he prefabricated Thriller, one of the best-selling albums… Read More »

10 Motivational Tips to Keep Your Spa Employees Performing

As a spa businessman it is a uppercase achievement to constitute a squad of ego motivated employees that are fevered and performing at their full latent. When fill are burned wellspring they course fulfill outstrip, furnish modify mating, and achieve location of an superior group. These are 10 motivational tips for you to drill to create a smoothen… Read More »