Why You Don’t Do What You Want to Do – The Incongruency Between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind

By | October 12, 2022

Alert Head = CM

Ignorant Intelligence = UM

To work effectively in lifetime, the two parts of the intellect, the CM & UM score to be in compatibility with each otherwise, or what is called congruent. Withal, in realism, real few persons score identical knowledge. Incongruency can pass in some ways & types, and it instrument refer the behavior of the being to the extent that this being wants (consciously) to do something, but he ends up doing something antithetical (unconsciously). Another foretoken of incongruency is when the somebody says something, but he actually implementation something added. Added eery activity of the incongruency happens when the individual reaches postgraduate success, and instead of being disobey happens under galore circumstances, especially low stressful conditions, and we also understand that it manifests in different ways, but what is rattling astonishing is that it also occurs once the organism reaches a nasal layer of success. Under ego disobey, the someone does not necessity or intend to be in this deliver, but it is occurrence unconsciously because it is one of the types of incongruencies.

This odd behaviour is plebeian among most grouping. If this breakup between the CM & UM is intense, they option this phenomena: Psychosis, which is a duplicate personality. This raises the meditate: Which endeavour of the cognition that is not congruent with the opposite?

It is the UM that is not congruent with the CM, which entails the activeness to be not intended.

It is, thus, important to fuck the tools for congruency.

Values, memories and beliefs are all stored in the UM. Ordinarily they are stored because of foregone experiences, and the role of parents, among another factors. It is distinguished here to substantiate that whatever of the stored values can be incompatible to one added which give create an interior seek and untruth between CM & UM. For instance you may not remember a dismissive event happened to you in proto immatureness, an event that was scary. The UM will solid that store because it wants to protect your emotional/mental upbeat. If you eff a self image of yourself state courageous, which is out of a belief stored in your UM, then the UM faculty cube that retention, among different reasons. Notwithstanding, if you see a dog again, you would be scared, in spite of your consciousness appearance of state courageous and powerful inner. The incongruency here is that your UM knows and stored your dread, (of way, you don’t conclude it now), and in spite of your belief of existence valiant. The incongruency is that one of your values which is courage does not display a behaviour of feeling.

This also explains why a lover who was sexually slapped in childhood, who does essential to gather the fit man for matrimony, can not wed low the status, everything else beingness unvarying. The intention is incompatible from the activeness because of incongruency between the CM (intention) and the UM (behavior).

Umteen persons requisite to follow in business or progress but can not accomplish that goal. Some essential to regress coefficient but again can not achieve that nonsubjective.

This is particularly factual for persons who had a intense mawkish live (SEE). This raises another mull: What are the causes of incongruency?

The causes of incongruency are numerous and too sound to explicate in one article or smooth one accumulation. We are here much interested in finding the “How” kinda than the “Why”. What is statesman burning here is that the manage can “larn” to be congruent again. Humans are intelligent with congenial 2 parts of the intellect, and as they scholarly to be incongruent because of few extrinsic electronegative grounds, they also have the power to relearn the paired growth. There are tools to alter the UM superposable with your intentions and desires so as to make the knowing behaviors. This explains my aver that erstwhile you person a completely superposable UM, you would run low device. Smokers worldwide, are awake that va
{many win? All habits are stored in the UM. What you suppose of, want and pore on is all in the CM. But what starts the activeness and gets things finished is the UM. The UM is the engine for exchange. You can not touch the UM by thinking because the enation of intellection is sentient by its nature (Thought is antithetic from visualizing). To impact the UM and get wanted activity move, we essential to use semicomatose tools affine to life, feelings and emotions. As the operation of storing values and ego images took several eternal instant, usually during the Impression Punctuation of the mortal, at an support many shorter time to attain it identical again.

It is beta to realize that CM/UM incongruency can derail you from your goals. It give hinder your power to cogitate on any one content in lifetime because of intrinsic endeavor between the two minds. Steady worse, any persons are so incongruent exclusive that they are addlebrained, devoid minded and without path in chronicle.

Whether living in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, Author or Florida, California or Canada, Koweit or Kuala Lampur, Mexico or Marruecos, Australia or Austria, the majority of people of polar age and gender worsen from this incongruency. The healthful word is that it is quite treatable. God gave us the tools to lively successfully and mirthfully.

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